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2017-2018 Meet Results

Post Season Results:
State Meet Scores
Regional Meet Scores

Congratulations to our 2018 Regional Gymnasts:

To Qualify for Lvl 8 regionals: Gymnast scored min 35.000 at States
R. Glossner

A. Byrne: Placed 7th on Balance Beam


To Qualify for Lvl 9 regionals: Gymnast scored min 34.000 at States
M. Keller


To Qualify for Lvl 10 regionals: Gymnast scored min 34.000 at States
Z. Rankin: Placed 6th on Uneven Bars

Congratulations to our 2018 State Champions: 


Level 3 State Champions

P. Lincoski: 4th Vault; 1st Bars, 4th All Around

S. Skillings: 5th Vault, 3rd Beam 

S. Steward: 4th Vault, 3rd Bars, 2nd Beam, 3rd Floor, 2nd All Around

A. Szymanski: 4th Beam


Level 4 State Champions
B. Regan: 6th Vault, 5th Bars,

J. Nau: 3rd Bars

Level Xcel Gold State Champions
E. Allen: 3rd Vault, 1st Bars, 3rd Floor, 3rd All Around 

A. Bickel: 10th Vault, 5th Beam, 10th All Around

P. Jodon: 6th Bars, 4th Beam, 12th Floor, 7th All Around

C. Simco: 12th Vault, 13th Bars, 5th Beam, 8th All Around

Level 6 State Champions

B. Oldham: 8th Beam

L. Brown: 3rd Floor


Level 7 State Champions
A. Ross: 1st Vault

Level 8 State Champions
R. Glossner: 7th Vault

A. Byrne: 4th Beam


Level 9 State Champions
M. Keller: 2nd Beam


Level 10 State Champions
Z. Rankin: 3rd Vault, 2nd Bars

Congratulations to our 2018 State Qualifiers:

Level 3 States All Around – 2018 (Min All Around Score 33.0)

P. Lincoski, A. Lutz, V. Peffer, E. Raish, S. Skillings, S. Steward, A. Szymanski


Level 4 States All Around – 2017 (Min All Around Score 34.0)
B. Regan; J. Nau, A. Ranck

Level Xcel Gold States All Around – 2017 (Min All Around Score 34.0)
E. Allen; A. Bickel; P. Jodon; C. Simco

Level 6 States All Around- 2017 (Min All Around Score 34.0)
H. Mark; B. Oldham; A. Von Blohn, L. Brown


Level 7 States  All Around – 2017 (Min All Around Score 33.0)
A. Ross; T. McCloskey; A. Gagnon


Level 8 States All Around – 2017 (Min All Around Score 34.0; Min IES of 8.5)
R. Glossner, A. Byrne


Level 9 States – 2017 (Min All Around Score 32.0; Min IES of 8.5)
M. Keller: (AA); A. Bjalme: (AA)


Level 10 States – 2017 (Min All Around Score 32.0 or higher; Min IES of 8.5)
Z. Rankin: (AA)

Updated 05/09/2018