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Below is the information for our next fundraiser:

Check your folder for order form.


Yankee Candle has a wonderful fundraising brochure that I will be placing in your child's folder tomorrow along with an order form. Yankee Candle Products are perfect for holidays, birthdays, housewarmings, etc.  Our profit for this fundraiser will be in between 38% and 40% of our total sales!! This depends on our shipping cost and the shipping cost depends on the total amount of our orders.  I really think that this could be a great fundraiser so lets make this a team effort.  Remember these products would make great Christmas Gifts!! 


Start Date-Monday, October 23rd-I will be placing the Yankee Candle packet in your child's folder tomorrow afternoon. (I will also place extra order forms in Talia's folder)


Yankee Candle Fundraising offers two ways to shop--Catalog and Online. If you choose to set up an account and do the online ordering our Group Number is 990071011(this is also listed in your packet).  All orders placed online will be shipped directly to the customer's home.


If you choose to do the catalog orders you will need to turn in an order form along with payment and the delivery date will be given to us by Yankee Candle once they receive our orders.


If you are doing Catalog Orders your order form and payment is due by-Monday, November 13th no later than 8:00pm. We will not be able to accept any late orders as our ordering deadline is very important to assure delivery before Christmas.


Delivery Date-We do not have a set delivery day or time yet but as long as we place our order with Yankee Candle by November 16th they have guaranteed us a delivery before Christmas.  We will notify you once this has been set. This is for catalog orders only.


Payment Instructions-Please write one check payable to NGT (Nittany Girls Team)-NO CASH PLEASE!!


All order forms along with payment are due in Talia McCloskey's folder on Monday, November 13th no later than 8:00pm.


Please let Erin know if you have any questions!